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The Lotus Feed will be on maternity leave in 2019

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My Dearest Lotus Feed,


I first met you in my dreams 15 years ago. As I stepped off a boat and onto an Ashram retreat in the Bahamas, I saw you ever so clearly on the land that I grew up on back home. I felt your impact and sensed your potency far before you ever came to be.  I called my dad from a pay phone (via calling card, remember those) and told him all about you. 


Seven years later, through divine opportunity and hard work, you came to be. My dear friend and teacher Shiva Rea came to celebrate you as did a hundred yogis and friends for the very first Lotus Feed. Over the next few years, I continued to pour my blood, sweat and tears into building and shaping you.  I learned how to farm, how to literally build you from the soil up. I learned how to design so that your best and brightest colors came through. It did not take long for you to take root, and soon your sweetness was attracting buzz from all over.


Four years ago a big love stepped into our life and took your sweetness to a whole new level. Andzia's attention to detail, incredible palette and driven excellence transformed you. She was able to see your greatness in ways that I was unable too and you truly grew up under her care. Suddenly, the training wheels were off and people came every single weekend of the summer for the past 4 years. Your native magic, paired with my drive and Andzia's creative elevation seemed to nourish and feed the people something special. 


Lotus Feed, you were my first baby. I saw you in my dreams and watched you come to life. And now, in just two months we will be welcoming our first child. And like you, this baby is someone who we have dreamt and prayed about and cannot wait to welcome into the world.


Life is full and busy, and because of you, even more opportunities have come into our lives. Every parent says "it all goes by so fast", and for this reason we need to make space and tend to the new life that is building our family.


I hope you can understand that we feel it's best that you rest for a season. Don't worry, we will visit you and so will the people who love you so. It just won't be in the same form as years past. While your future is undefined at this moment, the possibilities are many and we promise that you will still be able to share your magic. But for now, weekend retreats will not be on your table for 2019. Andzia and I need to guide all of our energy into the new life beginnings with baby and the other endeavors that are opening in the year to come. 


Please know that the growth opportunities and life lessons that have come from creating you, have made us who we are today. That the light of the people you have attracted, is sealed in our cells. We are forever grateful for what we have made together and I cannot wait for the moment when our baby's feet run along your garden paths and climb in  your trees. Thank you Lotus Feed for you have given.    




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