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  • As a teacher bringing a group, do I get to come and stay for free?"
    Due to our limited space and the energy that goes into putting on the retreats, we are unable to offer free lodging and meals for teachers/leaders. However, if a teacher/leader would like to stay the night before or after their retreat they are welcome to, free of charge, with advance notice.
  • Can someone come and stay just a portion of the time?
    Absolutely, however, they will be counted as a normal attendee and be invoiced for accordingly, regardless of the amount of time spent with us.
  • Can my friend come for a meal without being an overnight attendee?
    Yes, with advance notice provided to The Lotus Feed guest meal costs are $30 per meal.
  • What do you mean by rustic?
    We are a working farm. Dirt and bugs are what make farm systems successful. We have farm dogs. We ask that all attendees wash their own dishes. There are no heaters. It can be cold and or hot. Most activities take place outdoors. Ya know...RUSTIC!
  • Is there heat in the yurts and the tents? Electricity?
    The yurts have electricity but the tents do not. There are no heaters.
  • Wifi and Cell Service
    We do not have wifi at The Lotus Feed and cell service may be limited.
  • Water and Water Use?
    We have incredible springs on the farm that provide drinking water for guests, PLEASE inform them to bring their own water bottle to refill, this helps us cut down on the glass washing over the course of the retreat.
  • Transportation, how do we get there?"
    You will receive directions once you book a retreat. Out of state retreaters can fly into Santa Rosa Airport (STS) which is 25 min away. There are rental car companies at the airports. SFO and OAK airports are one and a half hours away, there is an airporter ( that drops off in Santa Rosa. Teachers/leaders should arrange to rent shuttle vans to transport students themselves. Teachers/leaders need to work with participants that do not have their own transportation so that they arrive in groups to minimize trips to Santa Rosa.
  • Gas stations?
    The closest gas station is ten miles away. Inform your guests to get gas in Petaluma or Sebastopol before they drive to the farm.
  • What time can we arrive? What time do we check out?
    The teacher/leader can come as early as 8am, guests are welcome to check in anytime after Noon. Students will park in the parking lot at the top and follow the path down the hill to the retreat zone. Guests will leave their bags in the crates and a truck will bring the bags down. Guests need to know that the path starts by the Yoga Deck where there is a sign that says "THE PATH." Guests can get turned around upon arrival so please encourage them to follow the signs driving in and once they park walk DOWN the hill, not up. Check out is 3pm
  • Why are people asked to stay on site during their retreat?
    Aside from scheduled DIG IN experiences, activities requiring guests to drive on and off the farm are discouraged. Retreat leaders are asked to design their retreat utilizing the Dig In experiences we offer. The Lotus Feed is a unique family run business that depends on the kindness of our neighbors to continue operating. Reducing traffic on our shared small roads is the best way for us to respect neighbors.
  • Dig In Experiences
    Add on experiences are arranged at least 1 month in advance of retreat date. Payments for all DIG INs, other than massage, are the responsibility of the retreat leader and must be provided before the retreat date. Transportation is provided for all off-site experiences booked with The Lotus Feed. We would love to provide a wellness practitioner to plump your retreat; however, if you would like to bring your own practitioner and plan to use our massage deck or indoor spa shala, we require a $100 space rental fee.
  • Schedule? What time should we start?
    Teachers/leaders can determine their own practice schedule.
  • Meal Times
    Day 1- Dinner 6:30 Day 2- Smoothies/Coffee/Tea: 8am Brunch: 11:00 Dinner: 6:30pm Day 3- Smoothies/Coffee/Tea: 8am Brunch: 10:30 or 11:00 We put great effort and love into the meals we provide. We ask that groups do their best to show up on time for meals.
  • Is coffee and tea service provided all day?
    Coffee and tea service is included until 10am. Teacher/leaders can request all day service prior to retreat start date. A supplemental feel is required for all day coffee and tea service: 3 day.......$5/head 4 day.......$7/head 5 day.......$9/head
  • Meals, Allergies, and Dietary Restrictions"
    At the Lotus Feed, we grow our own food and cook farm to table with what is available. Meals are vegetarian unless arrangements have been made otherwise. The Lotus Feed cannot accommodate severe food allergies and will not be held responsible for doing so. Teachers/leaders will communicate how many guests they will bring three weeks before their arrival. This number is the final number that we will use when preparing all meals. If a student misses a meal or leaves early, their meal is still accounted for, there will be no discount. If there are last minute additions please inform us ASAP so that we can prepare properly. *If more than 50% of guests have dietary restrictions, a supplemental fee with be required to customize meals accordingly. We LOVE cleanse retreats and are happy to prepare all meals using guidelines set by the retreat leader. A supplemental fee per person is required for cleanse retreats- see next tab.
  • Cleanse Retreats
    3, 4, and 5 day Retreats Vegan/Dairy Free...............$25, 35, 45/head Gluten Free........................$25, 35, 45/head Refined Sugar Free............$25, 35, 45/head V, GF, SF............................$45, 60, 75/head *If more than 50% of guests have dietary restrictions, a supplemental fee with be required to customize meals accordingly.
  • Refrigeration
    There is very limited refrigeration. We recommend non-perishable snacks. Teachers/leaders/attendees responsible for bringing coolers/ice if needed.
  • Does The Lotus Feed provide all yoga props?
    We provide blocks, blankets, and straps for 30. Anything else needed must be provided by attendees (teachers or students).
  • Bugs, Bees, and Poison Oak"
    We have them all! Please inform your guests to bring EpiPens if allergic to bees and Technu if highly allergic to poison oak. All of the paths are maintained but there are many forested areas and poison oak is a fact of life in Sonoma County. We are a farm and there are bugs. As an organic farm, we depend on insects for everything from composting to pollination. Please inform your guests about doing daily Tick checks.
  • Are children allowed?
  • Are Pets Allowed?
  • Hairdryers
    We do not provide hair dryers.
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