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The Lotus Feed has designed accommodations to suit all levels of comfort, from premier yurts with 800 thread count organic sheets with private bathrooms and clawfoot tubs, to more quaint yet tastefully decorated bell tents. 

The retreat center is designed to promote intimacy with nature while also providing space for rest and relaxation in comfort.  Lodging ranges from private yurts (canvas covered wood-framed structures) with 800 thread count organic sheets and equipped with vintage clawfoot bathtubs, to glamping (glamour-camping) in a tent, to camping in a teepee.  While The Lotus Feed is truly a farm that embraces it's wild surroundings, living side by side, with bugs, animals, and fluctuating weather patterns, it is designed for a wide range of budgets and levels of comfort.


The Lotus Feed features yurts, yomes, bell tents, and even a teepee, with beds ranging from twins to doubles - all of which can be seen below.  Most of the accommodations share tow centralized bathroom facilities with electricity and running water.  One of the most unique experiences at the Lotus Feed are the outdoor showers, built around a gorgeous California Bay tree.  Due to the nature of the dwellings, accommodations are subject to change due to constant improvements and responses to changing weather conditions. 


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