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The Lotus Feed Expeditions

Global Retreats 


64.9631° N,

19.0208° W




Fire + Ice Retreat

Dive deep into the raw beauty, and volcanic energy of this incredible Island. Spend eight days and seven nights exploring the many natural wonders that iceland has to offer. From the great Blue Lagoon to the bustling city of Reykjavik, stretch your way through the vibrant land, life and culture of this mysterious island. This trip will travel from the western fjords through the golden circles stopping at "Hot pots" (hot springs), famous waterfalls, geysers and more. 


Iceland's tourism industry is booming and this wonderful Island becomes overrun with visitors during the high season. 


Avoid the high season and visit March-May + August-November.  


You decide the date and we take care of the rest!

Becoming a Wellnes Comrade

Are you passionate about wellness and travel?

Our goal is to create relationships with wellness leaders we admire and work together to facilitate incredible transformative retreats abroad.


You decide the where + when and we take care of the rest! 

What We Do

  • Plan and organize the retreat 

  • Create marketing material & content

  • Handle all transportation 

  • Handle all booking 

  • Handle all correspondence

  • Send a Lotus Feed Adventure Guide to handle all travel details

What You Do

  • Gather students

  • Spread the word (we also advertise)

  • Teach two classes daily (around 3.5 hrs total)

  • Have an adventure 

The Nuts + Bolts

8 students = Free Trip

(shared accommodation, airfare, listed activities and breakfast)

10 students = $125 per student = Free Trip + $1,250

14 students = $175 per student = Free Trip + $2,450

18 students = $225 per student = Free Trip + $4,050 

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