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Pilgrimage to Rishikesh

India is the ultimate pilgrimage for the yogi and Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. Visit sacred temples and meditate in caves where famous sages once lived, hike to waterfalls, river raft, visit an ophrange and give back. This is a deep cultural immersion into mythology, tradition and ceremony. It is most definitely a trip that offers fun, adventure, service and personal transformation. 


The times to visit Rishikesh are September-November and March-April.


The winter months have a nice chill to the air and the spring months are just before the intense heat of summer hits.

Becoming a Wellness Comrade

Are you passionate about wellness and travel?

Our goal is to create relationships with wellness leaders we admire and work together to facilitate incredible transformative retreats abroad.


You decide the where + when and we take care of the rest! 

What We Do

  • Plan and organize the retreat 

  • Create marketing material & content

  • Handle all transportation 

  • Handle all booking 

  • Handle all correspondence

  • Send a Lotus Feed Adventure Guide to handle all travel details

What You Do

  • Gather students

  • Spread the word (we also advertise)

  • Teach two classes daily (around 3.5 hrs total)

  • Have an adventure 

The Nuts + Bolts

8 students = Free Trip (shared accommodation, airfare, listed activities and breakfast)

10 students= $150 per student = Free Trip + $1,500

14 Students= $200 per student = Free Trip + $2800

18 Students= $ 275 per student = Free Trip + $4,950

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