The Lotus Feed Farm was created by Jenay Hofftin.  Jenay went on her first yoga retreat when she was twenty-one, and her life's direction shifted from film-making to yoga. She soon realized that her family farm would serve as the perfect place to showcase Sonoma Coast's stunning nature, the importance of organic farming and the mind, body, spirit connection.  It was with that inspiration that her dream was born. Eight years later, in 2011 she opened The Lotus Feed with Global Yoga Teacher Shiva Rea and Chef Cat Cora. The Lotus Feed is constantly evolving, changing shape and expanding while remaining focused on wellness and sustainability. 




Our mission is to help guests forge a deep connection and admiration for the earth. To create an environment that supports feeding and nourishing our mind, body, and soul. To retreat inward. To stand in the natural light of the inner and outer sun and to gather in the name of wellbeing.