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Micro & Macro

Host your retreat with us!

Ionian Sea, Greece

Tyrollean Sea, Sardinia

Dolomites, Italy

Troncones, Mexico


Micro Day Retreats

Looking for a half or full day intensive outside of your usual space? Let us host you in our wellness space on the second floor of the Altamont General Store. Our sweet space can hold up to 18 mats (24 in pre covid days) and provides all that a teacher may need. Students can meander downstairs during breaks for a warm chai and we can provide nourishing and delicious meals at the end of sessions. There are both moderate and lux lodging within walking distance and great hiking and exploring near by.

Macro Global Retreats

Ready to get out and take your students on the road but paralyzed by the details, logistics and responsibility of planning?

Let us do what we do best, plan, host and travel!

We are currently offering several abroad destinations for teachers to bring their students. We cover all of the logistics, transportation, bookings, and itineraries and meal planning. The teacher gets to shine, channeling all of their energy into what they do best, teaching and sharing their gifts with their students.

The Lotus Feed Global is currently hosting for all types of groups, and communities. From yoga to corporate, to artists, writers and photographers, we host the full spectrum of wanderlust.

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