The Lotus Feed is Reopening for 2020


Throughout the Covid19 crisis, it became increasingly clear that being close to the earth, with our hands in the dirt was the right place to be. It was time to start growing our own food, spending more time being close to nature and taking in the clean air. 

The Lotus Feed is returning with a new offering known as The West County Jaunt.  The West County Jaunt is the perfect capsule to hold the space for community participation and culture. Whether your community gathers on mats, or in a board room, The WCJ will receive, lodge and feed your colleagues with small-town hospitality and elevated nuance. This immersion highlights the best-kept secrets and charm of West Sonoma County.

We have reopened the Lotus Feed as a day event space. We will be housing many of the guests just ten minutes away in our family-run Lodge. We will open the season by lottery.

We are also excited to offer these retreats all year round. Through The Occidental Lodge, The Yoga Studio and  The Altamont General Store all located in the town of Occidental, we have designed the perfect conclave for teacher trainings and retreats of all kinds.